Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening today is a non invasive, safe, and easy way in which to enhance your smile.  A dentist supervised whitening treatment is the most effective method for obtaining whiter teeth.  There are several whitening processes available today, our office uses a combination of in office and  home treatments.

After an initial oral exam to ensure that your teeth are decay free, impressions are made of both your top and bottom teeth.  Our in office lab creates custom made mouth pieces that you will use as part of your home treatment.  At your second visit, we will condition your teeth to allow the gel in your at home trays to be readily absorbed allowing for maximum whitening.  After 10-12 days, you will return for another in office session to allow for additional whitening.

Tooth whitening is safe, and during the process there is no harm done to enamel, crowns , or fillings.  Whitening agents will not lighten bonding or tooth colored fillings, only the natural tooth structure surrounding them.

Once your treatment is complete we suggest that you keep your at home trays in a safe place.  In some cases after some time, depending upon diet and personal habits, the white teeth that you have been admiring may need some “boosting” to restore the white shade that you were so pleased with.  Simply come to us for additional whitening solution and use the trays that you previously wore.

This process can give you the smile that you always wanted.  Feel free  to call our office with any questions so that you can start the whitening process.