Oral Health and Overall Health

Numerous studies have shown links between gum disease and heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.  Evidence is accumulating that taking good care of your gums and teeth is potentially one of the best things you can do to enhance your overall health.

Chronic inflammation anywhere in the body including swollen gums, causes the body to release cytokines.  Cytokines have been linked to diabetes and heart disease among other maladies.  It is important to understand that oral infections can have systemic consequences.

An article from the Boston Globe (Health and Science section 3/19/2007) cites a study from the journal Stroke.  This study has shown that people who had lost numerous teeth were more likely to have severe periodontal disease and clogged coronary arteries.

It is important to understand that the health of the oral cavity is directly related to whole body health.  Dental infections can cause  discomfort not only in the mouth but in other parts of the body.  If the oral tissues are unhealthy and not adequately maintained the oral bacteria have an easy entry into the body’s circulatory system.

Visiting your dentist is an important step in maintaining whole body health.  Having healthy gums and teeth  is important for chewing, speaking,  and overall appearance.  A healthy mouth is also an important component of a healthy and vibrant body.