Missing Teeth (Edentulism)

Tooth loss can occur for several reasons.  People lose their teeth due to accidents, decay, gum disease, and  simple neglect.  Many people will live for many years without replacing a missing tooth.  Most people are not aware of  the damage they may be doing to their mouths.

Missing teeth can have both physical and emotional effects on  a patient.  Your self confidence can be affected  especially if you are missing a tooth in the esthetic zone(near the front of the mouth).  You may be limited in your choice of foods because of diminished chewing capacity.  If teeth are missing for a prolonged period of time, remaining teeth can begin to shift which will affect both function and esthetics.

There are many choices for replacing missing teeth which include dentures, fixed bridges, and implants.  Often times a combination of different treatment modalities can return an edentulous patient to ideal form, function, and esthetics.  A customized treatment plan can be delivered by your dentist  after a full clinical and X-Ray evaluation.

Treatment options are more affordable than ever.  Missing teeth  in the long term can damage the remaining oral structures and make long range treatment planning more difficult.

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