Invisalign is a type of orthodontic, (tooth movement) system.  It is different than conventional wired “braces”.  This system relies on a series of clear aligners (looks like a kind of mouthguard)  which are custom made  to move your teeth in small increments.  Once the teeth have moved  a given increment a new aligner is fitted to produce additional tooth movement.  This process is repeated until the desired tooth position is accomplished.

The Invisalign pieces are practically clear.  Most people will not notice that you are wearing a dental appliance.  Invisalign is a removable  treatment modality. You are able to remove the aligner when you eat and drink.  There are no metal brackets or silver wires  that can cause tissue irritation or  create an esthetic problem.

Not every patient who desires orthodontic treatment is a candidate for Invisalign.  Our office works closely with a highly trained orthodontist who has incorporated Invisalign into his practice.  Any kind of tooth movement is a complicated procedure which should not be taken lightly and is best delivered by a highly trained and experienced dentist.

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