Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Cracked teeth demonstrate  many different types of symptoms.  These include pain when chewing, temperature sensitivity, and possibly  even feeling pain upon the release of biting pressure.  It is common for pain to come and go, making the diagnosis  difficult.

It is important to seek treatment once you are aware of discomfort when chewing.  It is easy to think that one can chew on one side, avoiding the painful tooth.  If a tooth is in fact cracked, having it treated early on in the process can avoid more invasive procedures.

Cracked teeth will probably require a crown to ease the discomfort, and in some cases root canal treatment if the crack has progressed to the nerve chamber of the tooth.  In extreme cases a tooth which is cracked could split in half and as a result have to be extracted.

People who are severe bruxers can fracture teeth as well.  If  you are aware of any of your teeth that become painful during chewing, have prolonged sensitivity to both hot and cold call your dentist for an evaluation.  Early detection and treatment may help avoid tooth extraction and all of the problems associated with a  missing tooth.